About Wildwood Crest, NJ

wildwood-beachesWildwood Crest. New Jersey – Wildwood Crest sits at the southern end of the five mile island that is home to Wildwood and North Wildwood. With Wildwood Crest, you not only get to enjoy the broad beaches and Atlantic Ocean, you get the fun of water sports, free summer concerts, and other events at lovely Sunset Lake! Wildwood Crest is a great family destination, much less crowded than Wildwood with its legendary boardwalk.

Like the Wildwood and North Wildwood beaches, a day on the beach in Wildwood Crest won’t cost you a thing. No beach badges are required! But you may have to share the water with a different Jersey shore visitor — Wildwood Crest’s waters often host Atlantic bottlenose dolphins! With the northeast’s largest concentration of bottlenose dolphins visiting the Wildwood Crest waters, you’ve got a good shot at coming face to face with an aquatic friend!

If you’re interested in more dolphin and whale watching, you can find many sightseeing tours that promise an up-close look at amazing marine life. You can also make a visit to the Marine Mammal Stranding Station in nearby Brigantine and learn more about rescuing and rehabilitating aquatic mammals.

Unlike Wildwood and North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest does not have its own boardwalk. Lucky for you, the rides and arcades of the other boardwalks are within walking distance! The entire island that houses the Wildwoods is only about five miles long. If you aren’t up to making the trek on foot, you can catch a breezy trolley ride to the Wildwood boards and back again when you’re out of money or energy.

Wildwood Crest does have a bike path that runs along the beach. Bring your bike or rent one and take a ride!

On the west side of the island you’ll find Wildwood Crest’s other center of activity: Sunset Lake. The Gazebo at Sunset Lake is home to the free weekly Summer Concert Series. All you have to bring is a blanket or chair and a smile… then sit back and enjoy. You might hear anything from jazz to zydeco, doowop to country, and reggae to rock. Throughout the summer, Sunset Lake is host to craft fairs and much more. You’ll also find the Turtle Gut Park Memorial at Sunset Lake on the site of the American Revolution battle.

It is said that the sunsets at Sunset Lake are beautiful enough to rival those in the Florida Keys. You’ll just have to see them for yourself! While you’re waiting for that romantic sunset, you can watch all the activity on the lake — jet skis, fishing, sailboats, and more.

Serious fishers will spend most of their time at the bay. Charter boats are available for half day and full day fishing excursions. Anytime between April and October, it’s safe to say you’ll be able to find a boat to get you out to where the fish are.

Wildwood Crest offers more than a hundred places to stay. It’s a little less commercially active than Wildwood, so it attracts lots of families. They also maintain the family image by keeping the bars and liquor stores out. Aside from a drink with dinner, you’ll have to venture out of town to find nightclub-style action. Wildwood Crest offers a good balance of quieter, less crowded beaches and proximity to the boardwalk, rides, and arcades of Wildwood.

February 2, 2023, 3:38 pm