Reading of My Noble Savage at Robert Shackleton Playhouse

Monday, June 3 2019

Robert Shackleton Playhouse
405 Lafayette Street
Cape May, NJ 08204
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By Kathleen Huber

The ghost of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the 18th-Century philosopher, playwright, novelist, composer, and religious-social-and-political gadfly, is awakened from his 240-year slumber by an irate young woman from OUR century, who demands that he, answer for various horrors and disasters of the past two centuries � many of which have been blamed on his writings.
Horrified that so much tyranny, death,�and destruction have been laid at his door, Rousseau sets out to clear his reputation, at least in the eyes of this attractive young opponent.
These two representatives of their eras clash both dramatically and humorously as Rousseau tells his story, insisting that to judge him, one must read not only his works�but his soul. (“If I am no better than other men, at least I am different!”)

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