Groff’s Restaurant on the Wildwood Boardwalk Closes

Groff’s Restaurant on the Wildwood Boardwalk Closes

Groff’s Restaurant has closed and sold the property to Nino’s Family Restaurant.  Nino’s used to have a restaurant in North Wildwood, NJ that was open all season long, but it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Groff’s Restaurant opened its doors in 1925 and has been family owned.  Groff’s was known for their delicious pies and great early bird specials.

Mr. Earl M. Groff came to Wildwood in 1918 where he started as a millwright and then started working for the Ludens Candy Company.  He later rented a store on the boardwalk and ran various games and in 1925 he installed a grill and started selling hot dogs.

Some of the latest reviews on Yelp for Groff’s sound familliar to the ones I remember from my parents growing up.

Jeffrey D from South Haven, MI writes, “A Wildwood institution – around since like 1925.  My folks ate here some 30 years ago.   We went on a Tuesday evening in June.  They are only open from 4 to 8 p.m.   We had 3 generations at the table and all loved it.

I enjoyed the fried scallops, while my wife and mom had the broiled scallops.  My son had the fried crab cakes.   (I also enjoyed one of those).  Your meal comes with THREE sides.   Between us we had mac and cheese, fries, applesauce, baked potato, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, salad and a cucumber/onion dish.   All were very good and nice proportions.   Nice size dinner rolls.

Since we were on vacation and my teenage son saw the size of the pies, we indulged.     The coconut creme was awesome.  Lemon Meringue alrnight.  The Black Bottom was heavenly.

Price is what you would expect at the shore (about 30 per person).   The atmosphere is very dinerish and old fashioned and that is cool.   Staff was delightful.”

Wildwood will never be the same without Groff’s Restaurant.  Nino’s Family Restaurant opens this season.

Since so many of our families have been touched by Groff’s please take a moment and leave the family a message in the comments section below.



  1. Ryan

    I remember coming to Groffs every year when I was a child on our vacations Wildwood from Baltimore. It was something I looked forward too. I am saddened to hear that they have closed down. They will be missed as will my trips to Wildwood.

  2. Bob

    Very sad to learn of Groff’s closing. My family visited Wildwood every year since 1955, I haven’t been there since 2008, but now that my parents and brother have passed away, it was one of the last great places in Wildwood to reminisce!

    Future generations will never know the true family atmosphere and the delicious home cooked style meals when visiting Wildwood! Beef or Chicken croquettes, vegetable soup, peppered cabbage, cucumbers and onions, peach or banana glaze pie! We followed numerous kids working there way through their 2-3-4 years of college, and three generations managing and hosting there.

    Several other icons have vanished in Wildwood/Wildwood Crest, as well, The Captains Table, The Shore Plaza Hotel, many mom and pop stores, it’s not the same place anymore…never will be…