The New Jersey Shore in the Off Season

The New Jersey Shore in the Off Season

The Jersey Shore doesn’t disappear after Labor Day. There are lots of things to do in south Jersey all year… and lots of advantages to visiting before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

You Can Still Get Some Fresh Air and Sunshine

  • There will be some nice-enough-for-the-beach days in May and September, maybe even into October. Hooray for Indian Summer!
  • Even if you can’t strip down to your bathing suit, you can still play a round of golf at one of the area’s amazing courses.
  • South Jersey has lots of nature preserves for you to explore.
  • You’ll be outside walking from store to store at Cape May’s Washington Street Mall!
  • Though the boardwalk rides won’t be open year round, you can still get your thrills on the weekends during the off-season.

One of the best things about traveling to the Jersey shore in the off-season is the time and money you can save! And with less people in town, you’ll get more attention wherever you go.

Face Fewer Travel Hassles

  • The roads will be less crowded — put the EXPRESS back in the Atlantic City Expressway!
  • You won’t have to fight for the last room at some sketchy motel.
  • You won’t have to fight for parking spaces.
  • Room rates are lower during the off-season! A room that goes for $300 in the middle of summer may be less than $100 per night in the winter.
  • The casinos, restaurants, bars, arcades, and stores will be less crowded.
  • The table limits are lower at the casinos during the winter.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall… the Jersey shore has it all! Just because nobody is on the beaches doesn’t mean the town shuts down. Look for special things going on in your favorite shore destination all year long!

Seasonal Adventures

  • Who says you can’t hit the beach in January? Take a dip into the Atlantic on New Year’s Day with the Atlantic City Polar Bear Club.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Victorian mansions decked out for the holidays in Cape May
  • Craft fairs and flea markets are often held outdoors in the spring and fall (and indoors during the winter)
  • What could be more fun for the kids than an Easter parade and egg hunt on the beach?
  • Lots of towns have Halloween parades and festivities

There are so many things to do at the Jersey shore throughout the year. If you don’t care as much about beach time, you’ll find that all the major attractions are open (at least in part) all year long.

Year Round Fun

  • Lots of big-name entertainment comes to Atlantic City all year
  • The casinos are open year round
  • Look for craft fairs, car shows, and local festivals going on year round at the Jersey shore
  • The boardwalk arcades will often stay open all year long, even if the rest of the shops and stands are closed
  • The Atlantic City and Wildwood Convention Centers host shows, conferences and more all year round!

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