Planning a Wedding at the New Jersey Shore

Why get married at the New Jersey Shore?
The New Jersey Shore offers hundreds of options when it comes to tying the knot! Whether it’s a quickie wedding in Atlantic City or a huge wedding with hundreds of guests at a small beach resort, there is something for couples of every style and every budget. The Jersey shore offers great prices and lots of options, all at a fraction of the cost of similar opportunities found in larger cities. Why get married in a larger center at greater cost, when you won’t even have beautiful beach vistas and romantic seaside locations? The following tips will help you to ensure that your New Jersey Shore wedding exceeds all of your expectations.

Planning your wedding
The first and most important issue that one must resolve before picking a wedding location on the New Jersey Shore is the budget and guest list. A large budget will provide more flexibility and means you have more resources. A smaller budget will mean a lot of creativity and prep work in order to meet expectations. The approximate size of the guest list is a very important detail that will dictate many of the logistics for your special day. A small elopement means great flexibility of location and a shorter planning time (you can pretty much marry on the spur of the moment!) On the other hand, large weddings require large amounts of planning and often years of preparation.

Once these details of budget and approximate guest list size have been worked out, you can begin to deal with the more specific logistics including the details that are specific to your New Jersey Shore Destination Wedding.

Wedding planner or do it yourself?
If it is at all financially feasible, a wedding consultant or planner can provide invaluable advice and assistance. Many have relationships with local photographers, florists and facility rentals that allow them to get quality services and supplies at great prices. A New Jersey Shore planner knows the insides and outs of their specific location and will have experience with issues that are unique to the New Jersey Shore. For example, having someone who has organized dozens of beach weddings will ensure that you will not make any amateur mistakes, like forgetting to get a permit to marry on the beach.

If a wedding planner is not an option that it is imperative that you research, research, research! If you are planning a wedding yourself and you do not live in the New Jersey Shore area, your best tools will be the internet and your telephone. Some wedding service providers place their info on websites, info about local rules and regulations are available online. Your best bet however, is to call your phone company and have them ship you a copy of the Yellow Pages for the town or city that you are planning to wed in. Make sure to call a number of different companies, because costs and services are varied.

It is also very important to visit the town or city you are planning to marry in several times, to ensure that the both the location and services you are agreeing to meet your expectations.

Obtaining a Marriage License
In order for a marriage to be valid in the State of New Jersey one must obtain a Marriage License. The process takes at least 72 hours and the cost is $28.00. If the Bride lives in New Jersey, then the License must be issued from the registrar in her municipality of residence. If the bride does not live in New Jersey but the groom does, the license is to be issued from the municipality of his residence. In either situation the couple is allowed to get married anywhere within New Jersey. If neither the Bride nor Groom lives in the state, a license must be obtained from the municipality that the couple is going to marry in.

Beach Weddings
For those wishing to get married on a beach, a permit is required. The specific requirements and costs vary by municipality and are subject to change so it is best to contact the municipality in which you are planning to marry, and ask them about their requirements for a beach wedding. Also keep in mind that you must have an alternate indoor location in case the weather does not cooperate.

Have Fun!
The New Jersey Shore offers unlimited possibilities for a wonderful wedding to suit any couple. Whether it’s a beach chapel in Atlantic City or a grand resort wedding Cape May the New Jersey Shore is an underrated gem that is the place to make your dream of a perfect wedding day come true!

July 23, 2024, 6:51 am