Managing Time at the Jersey Shore

Planning ahead can save you a lot of time, grief, and ultimately money. How many times have you taken a vacation and come up short sightseeing? Or the general favorite of “I’ve misplaced my cash / credit card / insert missing funds here”

Eventually your lack of planning will catch up with you, and the one trip you’ve been waiting for all year to the New Jersey shore will be a bigger pain than it is worth. Time does not make itself, instead you make time. So by thinking ahead and planning your moves, you can guarantee yourself a heightened New Jersey shore experience.

One of the more confusing aspects of vacation planning is the eventful weekend. Three days is not a long time, especially to take in the incredible views and culture of the beaches in the New Jersey. However you can receive the full shore treatment in a weekend, with minimal planning. See all the things you want to see – the same things that other vacationers have not seen in several visits to the New Jersey shore.

First and foremost, use the power of the internet-or find someone who can. The popular Avalon is a beautiful visit for anyone who likes the open water, or just wants to take in the views of the various boats.

So let’s make a sample vacation to the prominent New Jersey shore city of Avalon. Your place of stay can be decided by any hotel search engine, which is why in this example we will use In less than three seconds of inputting your information, you’ve booked a room for two in a 5 star hotel, with a detailed list of its amenities. Photos are available-but for entertainment purposes only, of course. You can also search hotels and motels that Orbitz and Expedia do not carry right here on

Most hotels in any vacation spot are conveniently located by beaches, or other important tourist spots. Always check the mileage of such businesses before deciding on your hotel

Make sure to know the area you are going to, in the case of Avalon, take note of what the area is popular for. If you don’t like boats or a lot of water, then why would you spend three days in Avalon? On the other hand, if you do plan to sun bathe on the beach, or go fishing, accommodations can be made and waiting for you when you arrive.

Considering the popularity of Avalon or any vacation spot, making arrangements in advanced can keep you from missing out on activities you were looking forward to

Avalon’s tourist’s spots have rules, like any other New Jersey shore city. This can’t be stressed enough, and it is nothing major but is still worth mentioning. Find out and print out the rules, as well as a map of the area. This will take literally seconds of your time.

Know what roads are made to drive on, and which areas are off limits due to wildlife, or other protected laws. A hefty fine can really shorten an already short vacation, and as understanding as some people are it still does not excuse lack of common information.

Always ask questions, especially when you don’t get the answer you want. Sometimes it is necessary to seek answers from various different people on the same area, but not without just cause

These are your basic steps to the weekend vacation in the New Jersey shore, hopefully without any hiccups in your planning. As long as you take a few minutes before your trip to stay on top of things, then consider this weekend vacation to Avalon, Cape May, or whatever beautiful New Jersey shore city a deserved treat.

July 12, 2024, 2:20 pm