Attack of the Seagulls

Attack of the Seagulls

You finally get that pizza on the boardwalk you’ve been thinking about the whole time you were sitting on the beach. The worker hands you your slice, you turn to leave and as you pick up your slice and begin to bring it to your mouth it is snatched away by a seagull before you can even take a bite. You stand there shocked, angry, upset, and ready to kill that seagull. This kind of thing happens all the time at the Jersey Shore. Let’s learn about some more seagull stories.

Jerry Gregorio, a rising actor, says when he was younger, a seagull stole his ice cream cookie sandwich. He was so excited for this tasty, cold dessert. He unwrapped it and right as he went to take a bite, a seagull came out of nowhere and stole it right out of his hand “I chased it down the beach,” he said.

Madison Kimball, a University of Colorado Boulder graduate, tells us about how she got an ice cream cone on the boardwalk and only got one lick in when a seagull flew over her head and stepped right on the cone. “[It] didn’t even eat it. Just stepped in it then flew off and ruined my ice cream,” she explained.

Carla Gregorio, a nurse anesthetist, says that one time when she bought crab fries and was walking down from the boardwalk, it suddenly got dark “I realized it was about 15 seagulls hovering over me,” she shares. They started to swoop down and she ran as they chased her.

Almost every time you’re at the beach, you’ll see seagulls trying to steal someone’s food; they gang up on you. Whether they take your food or poop on you, seagulls sure make you hate them. Look out for the seagulls next time you’re down the shore!