5 Best Jersey Shore Bars

5 Best Jersey Shore Bars

You’re on a little vacation at the Jersey Shore with some friends. The sun has set and you’ve already walked the boardwalk, but you don’t want the night to end; you want to have some fun!  Where should you go? Here are five of some of the best bars at the Jersey Shore.

  1. Jenk’s Club: located in Point Pleasant Beach, it is best known for its live entertainment. It has a laid back environment, beachside food and beverages, and a dance floor. Jenk’s Club is seasonal so enjoy it while you can during the summer.
  2. Watermark: located in Asbury Park, it is best known for its cocktails and wine made by expert mixologists. Go enjoy crafty drinks and live entertainment.
  3. Bamboo: located in Seaside Heights, it is best known for ladies nights. Bamboo has DJs and one of the biggest dance floors, perfect for a younger crowd. It has an indoor bar open year round and an outdoor bar open during the summer.
  4. Rainbow Room: located in Atlantic City, it is best known for its bottle service. The Rainbow Room is the only LGBT bar in AC. It is up-beat and always has something going on.
  5. D’Jais: located in Belmar, it is best known for its frozen drinks and mojitos. D’Jais has a great night life on Belmar Beach. They also have inside restaurant service and music by DJ Kipples.

Don’t go to bed so soon, have a good time at one of these exciting bars. If they don’t sound like fun to you, there are plenty more to explore. You can discover more bars here.

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