History of Kohr Bros Custard

History of Kohr Bros Custard

Many foods at the boardwalk are summer staples, but none are as recognizable as Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard. Present in four states along the Atlantic coast, Kohr Bros serves up delicious frozen custard to beach-goers all summer long. Although many people recognize their brand from visits to the New Jersey Shore, Kohr Bros actually got its start in the dairy fields of Pennsylvania.

Three Kohr brothers, Archie, Elton, and Lester, wanted to find a way to expand their family’s dairy business so they bought an ice cream machine. Once they found a winning recipe, they looked to share their custard with hungry beach goers. They took their delicious creation to Coney Island in 1919 and started their first shop. A fourth brother, Morgan, joined the business and helped the other brothers expand it down the shore. Now there are 26 locations that all replicate Archie Kohr’s original recipe daily.

Most famous for their delicious simple custard, Kohr Bros also does special flavors and swirls. They create tons of yummy and refreshing flavors for everyone in the family thanks to their swirling technique. An annual favorite is the orange creamsicle- a swirl of orange sherbet and vanilla custard. It’s the perfect treat for a hot day at the shore! Of course Kohr Bros serve up classic vanilla and chocolate, but their wild combinations are their main attraction. The most unique flavor is the coffee and caramel swirl, aka the dolce de leche. It brings together the two delicious flavors to make something totally new and tasty. Make sure you stop by one of Kohr Bros’ 12 locations on the Jersey Shore on your next visit!

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