Top 3 Best Indian Restaurants on the Jersey Shore to Spice Up Your Trip

Top 3 Best Indian Restaurants on the Jersey Shore to Spice Up Your Trip

As the Indian-American population grows, so too does the number of Indian restaurants as well as America’s desire for Indian cuisine. New Jersey has the third largest Indian population of any U.S. state, and the highest percentage of Indians compared to other ethnic groups. Indian Americans have gathered in towns like Iselin, Edison, Jersey City, Parsippany, and Cherry Hill, but fantastic Indian food can be found all over the state. Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in New Jersey.

Aamantran Indian Cuisine

Some have called this Tom’s River restaurant the best place for authentic Indian food in South Jersey. With reasonable prices, cleanliness, deep flavors, fresh ingredients, and personal attention from the owners, it tries to create the best customer experience possible. The cooks will heed to requests regarding the level of spiciness on any dish, so whether you’re new to Indian food or like it hot hot hot, you’ll definitely get your wish. The lunch buffet has a wide selection and even includes vegan options!

Guests, which include Indian American families, recommend the Veggie Sampler, Murgh Nawabi, Murgh Korma, Masala Dosa (cooked perfectly with complex flavors), Aloo Tikki, Rasam, Mulligatawny, Murgh Mazedar, Rogan Josh, Gosht Vindaloo, Goan Rish Curry. Of course, we think you’ll be satisfied with any of their modern interpretations of classic dishes!

Shloka of Freehold

This Freehold restaurant uses fresh house blends of spices and local ingredients in its flavorful dishes made to order. Formerly known as Ginger, this contemporary restaurant is conveniently located in the historic downtown section. The staff strives to provide excellent customer service and treats guests as their number one priority as soon as they enter. The menu has so much variety, you’ll be sure to find something you love. There is a daily lunch buffet that includes appetizers and two desserts as well as a grand buffet on the weekends.

Frequent customers have recommended Spicy Paneer Makhani, Kheer Rice Pudding, Tandoori Mushrooms stuffed with Paneer, Tandoori Bihari, Angari Chicken, Fish Tawa Fry (filet of fish coated and spiced with peppers and onions), Indian Green Salad, Garlic Naan (with a perfect char), Chicken Tikka (with peppers and onions, wonderfully spiced and juicy inside), Shrimp Sukha (with coconut, chili, garlic, and curry leaves, cooked perfectly with light and flavorful sauce), Basmati Rice (light and fluffy), and creamy Pistachio Ice Cream.

Brick Lane Curry House

With locations in New York City, Upper Montclair, and Ridgewood, you know this restaurant is popular for a reason! And the multiple locations make it a convenient stop no matter where your Jersey shore vacation destination may be! With the tagline “Home of the Real Curry,” it’s no shocker that this chain excels at creating spicy, flavorful curry dishes. The restaurant even has a challenge for guests: to upload a photograph or video of themselves trying their Phaal, the hottest variety of curry in the world. To give some perspective, the business actually asks customers to state a disclaimer that it isn’t liable for any physical or emotional damage caused by the consumption of this curry.

Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to have a tongue of steel to enjoy their food! They have mild varieties of curry for people trying Indian food for the first time. The chef at the Upper Montclair location attended the Culinary Institute of Merit Inn in India before apprenticing in New Dehli and on Carnival Cruise Ships. The restaurant is inspired, both in terms of food and decoration, by the traditional curry houses near Brick Lane in London (Fun fact: the national dish of the UK is actually Chicken Tikka). The food aims to arouse not only the sense of taste, but of sight and smell, too.

The restaurant’s signature dishes include Vindaloo, Bhuna (with onion gravy), Chicken Tikka Masala, Phaal (made from ghost chili peppers and featured on Man vs. Food), Dal Makhani (creamy lentil curry), Mixed Sizzler (Tandoor grilled kebabs), Imli ke Champe (lamb chops with tamarind, ginger, and garlic), and Methi Salmon (Tandoor grilled fenugreek crusted salmon).


With a growing Indian community, there are so many fantastic places in NJ for Indian food, and certainly many to come. We hope you enjoyed our take on the best Indian restaurants on the Jersey shore. If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments!