6 Jersey Shore Decor Items to Remind You of Vacation Fun

6 Jersey Shore Decor Items to Remind You of Vacation Fun

Are you looking to decorate your beach house with furniture and knick-nacks that remind you of the shore? Maybe you had so much fun on your last weekend in Atlantic City that you want to remember by making your house look just like it. No matter what the reason, there’s plenty of Jersey shore decor you can use to beautify a room, whether you’re into cheesy beach-themed statuettes or subtle reminders of the sun and sand. Check out these awesome Jersey shore decor products and ideas we’ve found!

Shell Wreaths

On her website called Treasures of the Jersey Shore, Patricia Kingman sells beautiful decorations made of shells. From baskets to mirrors to clocks, she can use shells to turn any boring household item into a beach-themed asset to your home. Our favorite product? The shell wreaths. You can hang them anywhere to add a tropical touch to any room. It even comes in a holiday version, so your home will remind you of vacation year-round. No matter what you choose, though, with such fantastic artisanal designs, you can’t go wrong!

Rustic New Jersey Blocks

They say home is where the heart is, and sometimes your heart is licking a Kohr’s custard cone on the Wildwood Boardwalk! If you feel more at home lounging on the beach than cooking family dinner, you’ll love these adorable wooden blocks that scream, “I was born in the wrong state!” Arrange them side by side, stack them, place them on steps, or whatever else you’d like. With this simple yet elegant decoration, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure no one scrambles the letters to say “Meh New Jersey.” The sentiment just wouldn’t be the same.

Boardwalk Shower Curtain

People often daydream in the shower or bathtub, and all of that water might remind you of swimming at the beach. If you want to immerse yourself further into that fantasy, put up this shower curtain with a picture of the Asbury Park Boardwalk! All you need to complete this experience is the smell of fried food, a warm sea breeze, and the sound of seagulls squawking (not included).

Lighthouse Light Switch Cover

The first thing you might do when you walk  in the front door in the evening after a long day of work is turn on the light(house)s. With this light switch cover, which displays a beautiful image of the Cape May Lighthouse, you’ll be able to reminisce about your fantastic Jersey shore vacation every time you need power. It comes in single, double, and triple toggles and rockers so it can fit whatever kind of switch you have, just like the Jersey shore has fun to fit anyone’s needs.

Flip Flops Bucket

Does your family have a shoe problem? Can’t buy enough? Or maybe you have an average amount, but everyone leaves them in front of the door and around the house and people trip over them. Or maybe some shoes are just too dirty to put anywhere other than a bucket. This cute bucket may be labeled with flip flops to remind you of the Jersey shore, but there are no limits to what kind of shoes you can put in there. You don’t even need to put footwear in there at all (Although that could confuse some people). This versatile container comes in red and yellow and will make your home feel like a beach house!

Jersey Shore Destination Pillow

Many people have their one go-to Jersey shore destination, but people who have been to multiple towns have a hard time choosing a favorite, since there are so many unique qualities to each one that make it special. If you’re one of those people who loves every community on the Jersey shore, this throw pillow is perfect for you! It lists all of the major Jersey shore tourist areas in cool fonts. It can even be a conversation starter: if you invite someone over, use this pillow to ask them about their favorite place on the Jersey shore! You might even learn something new!

There are so many Jersey shore decor gifts out there, it’s almost impossible to choose in between them without filling your house with them! Anything you buy will be a wonderful addition to your home but, of course, it can never replace the sheer joy of a Jersey shore vacation.