9 Jersey Shore Coffee Shops for the Best Jersey Java

9 Jersey Shore Coffee Shops for the Best Jersey Java

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, the local coffee shop is a community hub of activity. The same is true down the shore. Residents swear by their favorite coffee shops, so you can’t go wrong wherever you go, but there are a few shops with features that make them stand out. Check out these Jersey shore coffee shops for some of the best Jersey java!

Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters

Along with the best coffee in Bergen county, this Maywood shop sells delicious hot cocoa and dog treats whose proceeds benefit Basset Hound rescue groups and other charities.

Buck’s Coffee

This Lambertville shop sells ice cream to cool you down after your steamy coffee. The facility also serves as an art gallery, so you can enjoy a tasty drink and beautiful paintings at the same time!

Grover’s Mill Coffee House

This quirky West Windsor shop has a War of the Worlds theme. New Jersey is the perfect place for a shop like this, since Orson Welles’ tale claims that aliens have landed in the state.

How You Brewin’?

This Surf City shop has fantastic coffee and delicious desserts like peanut butter pie! Located right on the sand, this cafe gives visitors free WiFi, making it the perfect place for a break from the beach.

Coffee Corral

This Red Bank shop has a – you guessed it – cowboy theme. Despite the old-fashioned atmosphere, it offers fair trade and organic coffee for conscious consumers. You also have the option to order via text message to avoid waiting in line (It’s a pretty popular location!).

Bwe Kafe

This Hoboken shop’s name means “drink coffee” in Haitian Creole. The cafe even has snacks free from animal products for vegan caffeinators!

Factory Fuel Co.

This Flemington shop is located in a former pottery factory, giving it a unique atmosphere. And, needless to say, it has great coffee.

MagicBrain CyberCafe

This Cape May shop has fantastic coffee and drinks, but its biggest draw may be its quick WiFi connection. The cyber cafe gives patrons access to 10 in-house computers, social media, email, faxing, and even color printing! This is the perfect hangout for college students or professional writers and researchers who need to finish a paper last-minute

Grooveground Coffee Bar

This Collingswood shop serves a variety of purposes. From a coffee and dessert bar to a record seller to a trendy cafe to a gift gallery to a nightspot, this place does it all. You can access WiFi, newspapers, and periodicals for free. There’s always great music playing and frequent events, so there’s never a dull moment here!

These Jersey shore coffee shops are impressive, but we know there are plenty of awesome shops that didn’t make the list. What’s your favorite Jersey shore coffee shop? Tell us in the comments!