8 Jersey Shore Fashion Tips to Look Your Best on the Beach

8 Jersey Shore Fashion Tips to Look Your Best on the Beach

When tourists visit the Jersey shore, they often bring whatever beach wear they have, like a swimsuit, sandals, and sunglasses. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement on your summer vacation, however, you might be wondering how to stand out from the crowd. Here are some Jersey shore fashion tips to help you get started picking out the perfect beach ensemble.

Match the occasion

Before you start scouring your wardrobe, you need to take into account the occasion. Sure, you’re going to the beach, but who are you going with? Friends, family, coworkers, a significant other, someone you might want to impress? What will you be doing? A maxi dress might be perfect for sitting on a foldable chair and reading a book in the sun, but would be impossible to wear while jet skiing. Will it be in the middle of a hot day, or after the sun sets and the beach cools down? Make sure your outfit makes sense in the context of the situation.

Stick to a style

Are you going for boho chic? 90s grunge? Vintage sailor? Flower princess? Elegant goddess? The possibilities are endless! But whatever you decide on, stick to it! Mixing and matching is fun and encouraged, especially with swimsuits, but the best looks have a definite theme going on.

Dress from head…

Many people don’t see a need to accessorize on the beach, especially if they plan on swimming, but accessories can not only make or break an outfit, but also help make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Wide-brimmed hats, a classic, protect your scalp and face from the sun’s harmful rays. Bucket hats and head wraps are also in right now. Sunglasses will have you looking cool while saving you from having to squint every time you look up in the afternoon. Hair flowers, while not as useful, go with almost any outfit.

…To toe!

When it comes to beach footwear, the most important factor to consider is whether or not it’s comfortable! Your feet deserve a vacation, too! Of course, if you feel comfortable walking in high-heeled wedge sandals, then by all means, go for it! But if you want to make sure that you don’t come home with sand-filled shoes that make you cringe in pain every time you so much as look at them, go for gladiator sandals, flats, slides, espadrilles, or the classic flip flop.

Color smart

In beach fashion, the only clothing color off-limits is black. This is because dark colors absorb the sun’s heat and make you overheat much faster. To prevent this, go for lighter colors, especially white. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun, though. Go for bright colors, funky prints, retro sailor stripes, something with a giant anchor on it, anything beach-themed. Go crazy with color! Gold accessories and red shorts are especially popular this summer.

Functional fabrics

An easy way to stay cool on the east coast is to choose your fabric wisely. Thin, breathable fabric will give your skin a much-needed refresher. Lace or a sheer fabric common on coverups is especially useful because it also allows people to see what cute clothing or bathing suit you have on underneath. Wearing workout clothes the beach can create a sporty look, and the fabric is often designed to cool you down and dry off sweat. When the beach cools off at night, add a trendy short denim jacket to your look to keep your arms warm in the cool breeze.

Cover up (or don’t)

On the beach, there are no rules telling you how much skin to show. Some people wear wetsuits, while others wear tiny bikinis. The choice is yours. However, maxi dresses, tank tops, rompers, sundresses, halter tops, and crop tops are popular choices this season (Well…most seasons.).

Don’t forget you bag!

One of the most important parts to any beach style is the tote! Don’t go for a tiny purse or clutch – you need to carry sunscreen, lunches, towels, and more to hang out on the beach, so don’t force yourself (or others) to carry it. Don’t worry if your tote has a crazy pattern that doesn’t match the rest of your outfit. If you’re busy having fun at the beach, it will spend most of its time on the sand by your towel anyway.


You can look stylish on your beach vacation without sacrificing fun for fashion. Follow these Jersey shore fashion tips and keep within your personal style and you’ll be turning heads as your walk down the beach. After all, nothing looks better on you than confidence and a smile!