8 Beach Gadgets for Jersey Shore Vacations

8 Beach Gadgets for Jersey Shore Vacations

NJ beaches are the perfect place for a fun, relaxing family or couples vacation, but sometimes the sun, sand, and surf can damage your belongings, endanger your health, or prevent you from using certain devices. Luckily, these handy beach gadgets for Jersey shore vacations will make your next getaway the best ever!

Zoe B Organic Fantastic Beach Toys

Traditional plastic shovels and sandcastle molds for the beach are made of petroleum, which is not biodegradable and, if lost in the ocean, could take millions of years to break down. Luckily, Zoe B makes beach toys made of organic corn that break down much faster (though not before you get your full use out of it, of course) and are free of dangerous chemicals commonly found in oil-based plastics. The full set includes a bucket, shovel, sifting lid with patterned template, and 2 cups.

Liquid Image Model 305 Hydra Series

If you’ve ever been scuba diving, you know how amazing the wildlife, hidden treasures, and historical artifacts look below the water’s surface. You might’ve thought it impossible to capture that stunning beauty on film, but with the Liquid Image Model 305 Hydra Series, you can. This dive mask has a built-in waterproof HD camera that takes high quality pictures and videos, so you can preserve the gorgeous images of your undersea dive for years to come.


Playing in the sand and surf is plenty of fun for kids, but with their short attention spans, you might still need something more to occupy them. Rollors is a new beach game that mixes bocce, bowling, and horseshoes to do just that. During a round, participants take turns tossing or rolling a wooden disk to a goal, and the player whose disk lands closest to the goal scores a point. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins! Rollors tournaments provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. Best of all, this game comes with a carrying bag, so it’s portable!

Sunmate Sun Shelter

You might take every possible step to protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays, but sometimes sunscreen and umbrellas just don’t cut it. The Sunmate Sun Shelter can make sure your family doesn’t come back home from vacation with matching sunburns. This portable cabana can shade a family of 4, yet fits into a shoulder bag for easy transportation. For extra stability, you can fill the pockets on the side with sand.

K-9 Float Coat

Most dogs love taking a swim in the ocean, but you might be afraid to let them venture too far. What if they get caught in a rip current or tire themselves out so much that they drown? The K-9 Float Coat will put any dog-lovers’ worries at ease. This life jacket for dogs keeps them afloat while still allowing them to swim as much as they please. They come in various sizes to accommodate any breed and have a handle on top in case you need to move your dog yourself.

WakaWaka Solar Charger

While texting on your phone might not be the best way to spend your time on the beach, people need to keep their phones on if a problem or dangerous situation comes up, which might be more likely near the ocean. Unfortunately, keeping your phone charged at a place with no electrical outlets like the beach can be difficult, especially if you have an older battery or keep the screen brightly lit to see it during the day. The WakaWaka Solar Charger can fix this problem by powering your phone with sunshine. The charger comes with a built-in beacon light for use in case of an emergency. Best of all, if you buy one, another is sent to Typhoon survivors in the Philippines who desperately need it.


Want to make your mark on your next beach vacation? Flipsidez are flip flops with words embossed on the soles. When you walk in the sand, those words is engraved into the sand. Use the design ideas on the company website, or customize your shoes with new words. However, be remember that your sand imprints will only last as long as the wind or more footprints don’t cover them up. Still, be careful: with such a unique footprint, it will be easy for anyone to track you down, so don’t play hide and seek with them on!

Rinse Kit Portable Shower

Many beaches have foot washing stations for all of the sand you get on your shoes, but these are often crowded and grimy on busy weekends and do nothing to clean the rest of your body. Meanwhile, the Rinse Kit Portable Shower can wash your entire body in no time at all. You fill it with water at home, and it only weighs 15 pounds at capacity! With 6 different sprays and an adjustable nozzle, you can take the perfect shower right on the beach!
Visiting NJ beaches is always fun, but with beach gadgets for Jersey shore vacations, you can make sure you don’t run into any common beach dilemmas and focus on the most important thing: having a great time!