10 Cool Inventions for Jersey Shore Vacations

10 Cool Inventions for Jersey Shore Vacations

Jersey shore beaches are the perfect place for a fun, relaxing family or couples vacation, but sometimes the sun, sand, and surf can damage your belongings, endanger your health, or prevent you from using certain devices. Luckily, these cool inventions for Jersey shore vacations can make your next trip the best ever!

CGear Sand-Free Tote

Beach totes are perfect for carrying things like sunscreen, towels, cover-ups, shovels, and other shore essentials. It’s always a shame when your beautiful tote ends up full of sand, which could get into your food, clothing, shoes, and devices. Luckily, the CGear Sand-Free Tote will ensure that sand never makes it inside its compartments. It even has strong straps in case you’re carrying a lot of stuff.

Water-Fi Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite

Everyone loves soaking up the sun on the beach engrossed in a fantastic book. With so many e-readers around, however, many consumers are turning away from traditional hardcovers and paperbacks in favor of digital downloads. Unfortunately, most e-reader screens are difficult to see in the bright sunlight needed for a nice tan. Luckily, the Water-Fi Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite has easy-to-read text visible even on the brightest days. The device is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about soggy book pages or a short-circuiting device even if the tide gets a little high.

JUNE Bracelet

No what month it is, too much sun can damage your skin cells and increase your risk of skin cancer. The JUNE Bracelet allows you to enjoy your fun at the beach while helping to keep your skin safe. It syncs with an app and analyzes the current weather to remind you when to cover up or reapply sunscreen. It even evaluates how much sun you’ve gotten over time!

Flight 001 Go Clean Beach Set

This set of bags allows you to separate your dirty and clean belongings so that they don’t mix after a day on the beach. There are pouches for wet clothes and sandy shoes and an insulated bag for food.

Alite Bison Chair

This lightweight yet sturdy chair is perfect for the beach at less than 5 pounds. It can be disassembled easily and comes with a compact bag with a shoulder strap. Holding up to 250 pounds, the chair stays steady in and sand and is made of machine washable fabric. You’ll never sit on a sandy towel again.

Metal Detector Sandals

Into beachcombing, but can’t fit your metal detector in with all of your other beach gear? Don’t want to attract attention? No problem! There are sandals with built-in metal detectors so you can take a casual, inconspicuous walk without missing all of the buried treasure.

Green Grass FlipFlops

The sand at the Jersey shore is beautiful, but in the middle of the day, it can get burning hot! If you want your feet to stay cool without that plastic or foam flip flop feel, try these Green Grass Flip Flops! Just imagine the sensation of frolicking through a field and gazing out at the ocean and you’re about halfway there!

Bug-proof socks

The Jersey shore is home to thousands of amazing species of wildlife. Unfortunately, this also includes a few species of mosquitoes, whose bites cause an irritating itch and have the potential to spread life-threatening diseases like malaria or the recently discovered Zika virus. While the East coast is not a high-risk area for either, it’s best to eliminate the possibility by avoiding bites in the first place. When considering mosquito bite prevention, don’t forget your feet! Some mosquitoes fly low to the ground to avoid the wind and enjoy biting the thin skin on your ankles, so bug-proof socks are perfect to protect your feet at the Jersey shore.

Twister Towel

Kids love the beach, but not always as long as you’d like them to. Your kids might get bored of swimming and sandcastles while you’re still working on your tan. To keep them entertained in the meantime, the Twister towel lets them play an old favorite game in a new setting without making extra room in your car for bulky board game boxes. The shifting sands make the game more challenging and fun!

Sunscreen Wipes

Sick of rubbing thick sunblock cream into your skin and leaving white marks? Afraid you’ll get sunscreen spray in your eyes? Sunscreen wipes may be your solution. The suntan lotion is already absorbed into the wipe, so all you have to do is rub them on the exposed areas of your body, and you’ll have the perfect amount of protection, no white streaks left behind or sprays that might misfire. Better yet, these wipes certainly weigh less than a bottle of traditional lotion.


Visiting NJ beaches is always fun, but with these cool inventions for Jersey shore vacations, you can make sure you don’t run into any common beach dilemmas and focus on the most important thing: having a great time!