Fireworks at the Jersey Shore

Fireworks at the Jersey Shore

Through the years, fireworks have become a source of wholesome, thrilling fun. One of the best feelings in the world is sitting on a picnic blanket with friends and watching some beautiful explosions in the sky. Below is a guide to help you find some of the best fireworks at the Jersey Shore.

One great thing about the shore is that many locations offer fireworks on the regular. One example of this is at Wildwood beach. Starting June 26, Wildwood will be hosting fireworks every Friday night right on the beach. It is a free firework display and can be visible from almost anywhere in Wildwood. What happens if it rains? No worries! The rain date is Saturday. Wildwood also provides a “Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular” and is also free. There will also be a fireworks display on August 28 in honor of Labor Day weekend.

If you are looking for a different setting other than Wildwood, Avalon also offers a July fourth celebration extravaganza. This includes a performance from a world-class-symphony and is ended the largest fireworks at the Jersey Shore. It is set to display at the 30th Street beach and will be set to patriotic music. According to, the public is encouraged to listen to the simulcast of the music on local radio station WCZT 98.7 FM. The day will also be filled with activities in celebration of July fourth.

If you are in the Long Beach Island area, head on over to Bay Village on July 4th at dusk in order to see a spectacular fireworks display. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to contribute to The Red, White, and Blue Committee, a non-profit group of volunteers who organize and fund the fireworks extravaganza. July 4th would not be complete without a patriotic display of fireworks.

To be a little more adventurous on July 4th and still enjoy fireworks, Point Pleasant is the place to be. There will be a “River Belle” July 4th Pizza and Fireworks cruise that is sure to be a fantastic time. Sailing time is 8pm and is $35 for adults and $23 for children. While this may be a little pricey, it is sure to be a unique experience and will be a happy memory for years to come. To acquire tickets, go to 47 Broadway in Point Pleasant or visit for more information.

With Wildwood being a good option for weekly fireworks, or if you want to go crazy on July 4th and see a lot of fireworks shows, you are bound to see some spectacular displays this summer at the Jersey Shore. Just pack a blanket, spray on some bug repellent, sit down, and enjoy the beauty of fireworks right in front of you.