How to Win at Boardwalk Games

How to Win at Boardwalk Games

Have you ever wanted to win the giant teddy bear given out as a prize for boardwalk games? It often seems those games are rigged so no one can win, but people do win. Surely you have seen someone toting that giant teddy bear around the boardwalk. You just need to know the tricks of the trade.

Balloon Dart Throw
This game is hard to beat because the balloons are usually under-inflated and the dark tip is dull. The trick to this game is to not worry about aiming, just throw the dart as hard as you can. The good prizes are usually put under the balloons on the outer edge because most people aim for the middle of the board.

Rope Ladder Climb
The key to this game is to completely ignore the rungs of the ladder and use the outside ropes to move up. You want to apply pressure to you left and right foots equally as you move up the ladder. Do not move both of your hands or feet at the same time. Move opposite limbs while you shimmy up, so if you move your left foot move your right hand.

Basket Toss
The key to winning this game is to lean as close to the basket as you are allowed. Gently toss the ball using some backspin. Aim the ball at the inside upper lip of the basket.

Ring Toss
The key to winning this game is simple. Snap your wrist as you throw the ring so you give it as much spin as possible. Doing so stabilizes the ring so it has a better chance at landing on its target.

Milk Bottle Throw
The bottles used in this game are very heavy because they are made with leaded glass. The key to knocking them over id to aim at the bottom middle base of the pyramid. When the bottom bottles fall over the top will fall too.

Basketball Free-Throw
The odds are stacked against you when you play this game. The ball is over-inflated and the hoop is smaller than regulation size. That being said, winning is not impossible. You want to avoid throwing a typical free-throw shot. The key to winning this game is to give to ball arc. You want to throw the ball with a high arc. You don’t want it to hit the backboard or it will bounce too much.

Test your Strength
The key to winning this game isn’t strength at all, its accuracy. Hold the mallet as far down on the handle as possible. Make sure you have a firm grip. Hold the mallet over your head with your arms extended. Arch your body backwards. Do a few test swings so you can practice your aim. They key to winning the game is to hit the mallet dead on the center of the target.

Shoot the Star
They key to winning this game is to completely remove the red star from the target. This is hard to do even if you are a great shot. To win this game shoot around the star instead of aiming at the center.