Top 10 Places to Share a Kiss at the New Jersey Shore

Top 10 Places to Share a Kiss at the New Jersey Shore

The New Jersey Shore is one of the most under-rated romantic destinations in the world. With miles of exquisite beaches, idyllic peers and picturesque light houses it is not difficult to find a place to share a kiss with someone you love. Here are ten locations to embrace your sweetheart that are guaranteed to create lasting memories.


1. The Sweetheart Garden

The Sweetheart Garden in Leaming’s Run Gardens, is a beautiful and intimate place to share a kiss with your sweetheart. Smooch in the middle of a giant heart shaped garden made up of thousands of pink and purple flowers. Leaming’s Run also offers other unique gardens that are constantly changing throughout the year. Take a walk along the scenic paths, over the tiny bridges and past tranquil ponds. No two visits to Leaming’s Run Gardens are the same!

2. Kiss at Sunrise on the Ocean City Boardwalk

The Ocean City Boardwalk is one of the last true boardwalks along the New Jersey Shore and has lots of romantic destinations for any couple. Share a kiss with your truelove atop the 140 foot ferris wheel, or while strolling along the boardwalk, enjoying cotton candy and ice cream, while taking in the sites of beautiful Ocean City.

3. Hereford Lighthouse

Take your beau to the scenic garden surrounding the Hereford Lighthouse, one of the oldest and most unique of the historic lighthouses along the New Jersey Shore. The gardens surrounding the Hereford Lighthouse and have been carefully crafted to give the impression of the unplanned, “cottage-style” gardens of early England.

The lighthouse itself is incredibly picturesque, designed in a beautiful “Swiss Gothic” style, and includes a nautical museum. The unique design of the Hereford Inlet lighthouse makes it one of the most elegant and sophisticated lighthouses constructed in the Victorian era. The romantic ambiance of this garden is sure to warm even the coldest hearts.

4. The Atlantic City Boardwalk

For the more playful couple: spend the day with that special someone on the Atlantic City Boardwalk taking in the attractions and simply enjoying each other’s company. Maybe ride some go-carts or play a few rounds of paint-ball on the center pier, or enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the countless restaurants that line the boardwalk.

5. 1863 C.P. Huntington Train

Couples looking for something different will appreciate a kiss on the 1863 C.P. Huntington Train, a half-scale model that takes visitors on a scenic trip through the pinelands. A stolen kiss when the conductor isn’t looking is sure to delight!

6. Kiss at a Dance Party at Sea

What could be more romantic than sharing a slow dance under the stars on a beautiful boat while the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean! Atlantic Cruise Lines offers a scenic 90 minute cruise, complete with a DJ and drink specials. After the cruise, the festivities continue at the casino, or at the Wave Nightclub. A kiss on the dance floor in the middle of the ocean is a memory you’ll cherish for years to come!

7. A Kiss on Avalon Beach

Take a stroll down Avalon Beach, one of the Shore’s most beautiful beaches and share a kiss at sunset. These fantastic beaches are renowned as some of the most romantic in the United States. Couples can also spend the day on the Avalon Beach boardwalk, or visit any of the many attractions all within minutes ride of the beach, including: historic villages, gardens, antique shops and much, much more.

8. The Stairway to the Stars

First enjoy a scenic and narrated trolley ride beginning in the center of Cape May. Then kiss under the heavens at the historic Victorian era Cape May Lighthouse. Climb the 218 steps of one of the tallest and most beautiful lighthouses on the Jersey Shore, marvel at the view, and share a kiss under the magnificent night sky.

9. Cape May Carriage Ride

There are few things more romantic than a private ride in a horse drawn carriage. The Cape May Carriage Company offers half-hour tours of Cape May’s beautiful and historic streets.

10. Villa d’Porto

Imported Italian luxury fabrics, Jacuzzi jet tubs for two and roaring fireplaces are just a few of the things you’ll find in the most romantic inn along the Jersey Shore. For those seeking absolute luxury in an unbelievably romantic setting rent an Atlantis Inn villa. You and your sweetheart will be so pampered that you will feel like royalty or movie stars. This Ocean City gem is the crème de la crème of romantic locations.