Wildwood Nightlife

You’re looking for some action after the sun goes down, but you’re not quite sure you want the glitz and gambling of Atlantic City. Wildwoods to the rescue! This is a town that doesn’t shut down just because the lifeguards have left the beach.

In fact, Wildwood is pretty well known as a party spot. Don’t be surprised to find the town VERY crowded in June — it’s a favorite spot for teens and grads to celebrate the end of another school year. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say you can find a bar on just about every corner. The streets are pretty safe, too, so you can walk from bar to lounge to club without a care. (It may be a good idea to leave the car home if you’re planning to party.) However, if you ARE planning to bar-hop, keep in mind that most places will charge a cover.

Whatever your taste in nightlife, Wildwood probably has it. Dance clubs… Irish pubs… laid back lounges… sports bars… ocean views… deck hangouts… live bands… DJs spinning hot dance tracks… and a whole lot more.

For a night of laughs, check out Wildwood’s only comedy club — the Casba Comedy Club on the corner of Atlantic and Spicer Avenues. For more than twenty years, the Casba has been bringing the best comic talent to the Jersey shore. They bill themselves as the cheapest attraction in Wildwood. Kick back, enjoy a martini or other specialty drink, and get ready to laugh. Catch the first show at eight and head out afterwards, or grab dinner and hit the ten-thirty show. The line-up is always changing; you may be able to see three different comics in one week-long vacation.

Have a taste for tequila? Don’t skip Juan Pablo’s Margarita Bar, on the corner of Pacific and Garfield. Not only is it a great place to party, it’s also a great place to eat if you’re a fan of Mexican food. And don’t forget the margarita!

If you’re looking to dance, you have lots of options. For a combination of live bands and the hottest DJs, try Club Shakers at the corner of Shellenger and Pacific Avenues. Right across the street is the H2O Club to satisfy your electronica, techno, and hip-hop needs. And don’t miss The Nile on Pacific Avenue, a club that lived another life as a church.

Don’t think the boardwalk closes up at night, either. The neon lights of the rides, games, and attractions may just suck you in. You have to admit, the boardwalk IS a convenient place for food and entertainment… plus all the atmosphere of the Atlantic Ocean by night.

It may seem like Atlantic City is the hottest place to party in New Jersey… but it’s not. Wildwood may not have the big name casinos, but it’s got plenty of nightlife. Mostly you’ll see twenty and thirty-somethings crowding the bars and clubs and wandering the streets from lounge to pub and back again.