Shopping for Antiques at the Jersey Shore

Shopping for Antiques at the Jersey Shore

If you are a shopper, there is a LOT to love about the Jersey shore.  From salt water taffy and homemade fudge to unique jewelry and home accents, you’ll find something to love in south Jersey!  For the antique hunters, there are lots of places to hunt and find treasures when you’re down the shore.

Whether you’re new to antiquing, or you’re an antique pro, here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping around.

  1. Look for things that will fit in with your home’s existing décor.  You don’t have to live in a Victorian mansion to add in a single antique, but your purchases should enhance your home’s beauty.
  2. Antiques don’t have to be expensive!
  3. Do some research.  If you’re on the hunt for a particular piece of furniture or type of art, learn a little about your subject before you start shopping.
  4. Antique collections are ever-changing.  Visit your favorite shops often to catch new arrivals.
  5. Look for dirt.  If you’re on the hunt for the next huge Roadshow discovery, stay away from pieces that are shiny and clean and have probably already been appraised.  Things that are dusty and unrestored have a better chance of turning out to be a lost gem!

So… where can you shop for antiques at the Jersey shore?  The better question is:  where CAN’T you shop for antiques at the Jersey shore!  Here are a few places to get you started.


Atlantic City

Not far from the lights and bells of the casinos, you can find great antique stores in Atlantic City!  After all, how could a town with so much history NOT have antiques to browse?

Princeton Antiques Bookservice, Atlantic Avenue.  If you are a bibliophile (a lover of books!) you will appreciate PAB’s 250,000 book General Library and their 40,000 book Reference Library.  Princeton Antiques Bookservices also has five galleries of antiques that are available by appointment.  They buy and sell art, bronze, glass, sterling silver, rugs, and more.

Bellrose Galleries, Boardwalk.  The Bellrose staff is known for being very friendly and helpful as you search for antiques, furniture, jewelry, and more!

Bayside Antiques, New Hampshire Avenue.  Antique oriental rugs, jewelry, pottery, and more.  Open by appointment only, but well worth the trip.


Cape May

Is it any wonder that Cape May — the Jersey shore’s oldest resort town and a National Historic Landmark — is a great place for antique shopping?  You’ll find no less than eighteen different antique shops in Cape May, and most of them are within walking distance from each other.  Check with the Cape May Chamber of Commerce to see if they have maps of all the antique stores in town; it may make your search a little easier.

Finishing Touches, Washington Avenue.  Specializing in decorating items — wall coverings, antique lighting, window shades, and more.

A Rose is a Rose Antiques, Washington Avenue.  If you’re looking for artifacts of the Victorian era, you will find them here!  Furniture, table settings, jewelry and hair pieces, and more.

Out of the Past, (loc).  Somewhat more whimsical than your traditional antique shop!  The building itself looks like a little pink doll house, but inside you’ll find vintage clothing, books, appliances, and anything with a domestic flair.

The Antique Doorknob, Park Blvd. and Myrtle Street.  Doorknobs, yes.  But also mantles, mirrors, and stained glass, all one-of-a-kind.

W.S. Antiques, three locations in Cape May.  Nearly two hundred antique dealers share their wares through W.S. Antiques.  The largest store is on Route 109, and is filled with everything from vintage postcards to hand carved scrimshaw to toys from the 1950s and 60s.

Aleathea’s Parlor Antiques at the Inn of Cape May.  An eclectic collection of antiques in every nook, cranny, and alcove.



Veronica’s Kloset, Ocean Drive.  Not solely dedicated to antiques here, but you’ll find a selection of quality antiques and collectibles.