Labor Day Weekend: Ten Things to do in Long Beach Island

Labor Day Weekend: Ten Things to do in Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island – or just “LBI” to those who love her dearly – is an 18-mile-long barrier island that has so much to offer from end to end. With a lighthouse at the northernmost point and a nature reserve at the south, it’s the island of choice for visitors seeking clean beaches, great eateries, excellent shopping, and fun for all ages without the crowds and noise of locations with boardwalks and other such amenities. No wonder visitors stay until the very last minute, when the coming of September beckons them home. But if you’re fortunate enough to be in LBI over Labor Day weekend, you’ll find there’s plenty to keep you busy.

1. Splash and Slide – It’s your last chance to play in a water park and there’s a great little one in Beach Haven, LBI that’s a manageable size for kids and plenty of fun for adults, too. The perfect way to stay cool and have fun!

2. End-of-Summer Sales – Up and down Long Beach Island, you’ll find shops of all sorts, from those that sell sunglasses and t-shirts to others that offer high-end clothing, housewares, jewelry, and more. On Labor Day weekend, many offer their best prices of the year. Cruise down the island in your car and check out the sales!

3. See a Show – Both in Beach Haven and in Manahawkin (on the nearby mainland), you’ll find opportunities to enjoy a musical or play performed by top- notch actors/singers/dancers that are dedicated to the art of theater. Cheaper than Broadway and closer, too!

4. Picnic by the Lighthouse – Grab all the leftovers and pack them in your basket for a fun picnic at the northern end of the island at Barnegat Light. Picnic tables abound near the lighthouse and it’s a perfect place to eat and watch the boats as they sail by. And while you’re there, climb to the top of the lighthouse and savor the view!

5. Eat Great Seafood – Nothing says summer like good, fresh caught seafood…so you’ll want to grab as much as you can before heading home. A number of restaurants up and down the island specialize in seafood, including crab, lobster, and other shellfish. Head to your favorite before you leave!

6. Go Parasailing – Celebrate the end of a great summer with a chance to view LBI from way up in the sky! Parasailing is fun for all ages and accessible to everyone. You can stay dry or take a dip in the Atlantic. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

7. Go Surfing – Okay, you’ve been stalling all summer but you really want to try your hand at surfing. So, rent a board and head to Holyoke Beach, off Holyoke Ave. in Beach Haven, where local surfers say the conditions are best for surfing. Keep an eye on the surf report to determine when it’s best for you to go out and give it a try.

8. Have a Spa Day – Here’s your last chance to get pampered! Grab a friend (or enjoy some alone time!) and head to one of Long Beach Island’s spas for some Labor Day weekend pampering. Facials, massages, wraps…it’s all good!

9. Go Fishing – There are many opportunities to fish in LBI, and Labor Day weekend might be your last chance until next summer. You can charter a boat or try your hand at fishing off the pier or rocks near the lighthouse. Visitors often do some crabbing there as well. Your dinner is waiting!

10.Grab Some Rays – The beaches at LBI are among the best in the state…and they’ve got the awards to prove it! Many of them are quite uncrowded – even on Labor Day weekend – while others are full of families. Head to your favorite and spend those last hours of summer soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, or taking a peaceful snooze.