Labor Day Weekend: Ten Things to do in Seaside Heights

Labor Day Weekend: Ten Things to do in Seaside Heights

A popular singles, couples, and family destination, Seaside Heights, NJ offers a little bit of everything. Long know for its boardwalk, rides, arcades, and more, it’s a lively town that keeps the summer fun coming and coming. So when Labor Day arrives and it’s time to go home, back to school, or back to work, visitors will be sad to leave. Nonetheless, the destination keeps hoppin’ until Labor Day weekend, so consider some of these great activities before the summer ends.

1. Fishing – Because you can take advantage of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding bay, fishing is top-notch here in Seaside Heights and in many other Jersey shore locations. Many visitors enjoy angling off the Casino Pier, which is a great spot for catching striped bass, kingfish, bluefish, and more. Bring your own rod or rent one for just a few dollars.

2. Cruise the Boardwalk – If you’re into real Jersey Shore atmosphere, you’ll find that the lengthy boardwalk at Seaside Heights is right up your alley! Stop for an Italian sausage sandwich or some soft serve, play the games, ride the rides, and just enjoy a little people watching.

3. Enjoy some Nightlife – If dancing under the stars and a great tropical drink are your idea of fun, check out some of Seaside Height’s fun clubs. Many of them are geared towards young adults but you’ll also find some that cater to more mature party-goers as well.

4. Go Jet Skiing – If you haven’t tried jet skiing, it’s a blast. There are a few outfitters in Seaside Heights that rent these watercraft, which are great for a variety of ages. You can even ride double with your children! An exciting end to a terrific summer!

5. Eat Some Seafood – There’s nothing quite like fresh seafood prepared the same day it’s caught! You can find that offered at numerous restaurants throughout Seaside Heights. Pair it with a refreshing tropical drink or a tall iced tea and you’ve got the perfect beachside meal.

6. Build Sand Castles – Seaside Heights is blessed with a spacious beach that is ideal for families who want to have fun in the sun. Pack up your belongings for a day- long stay…and be sure to include plenty of time for sand-sculpting and playing in the water.

7. Party on the Water – Chartered boats are available on the bay or the ocean and are an ideal way to mark the end of the season with friends. You can organize a fishing party or just bring along food and drinks for hours of fun. The captain comes with the boat, so your only responsibility is to have a good time!

8. Commune with Nature – Beautiful Island Beach State Park is just a 15-minute drive from Seaside Heights yet seemingly worlds away. It’s a lovely place to chill, watch the migratory birds, and have a picnic lunch.

9. Waterpark Fun – Soon it’ll be getting chilly, so this might be your last chance for some splashin’ fun. So head to the Breakwater Beach Water Park for hours of fun that appeals to just about everyone who loves playing in the water.

10.Ride the Antique Carousel – Take one last spin on Seaside Height’s beautiful antique, old-fashioned carousel. Its colorful, hand-carved horses are lovely! And who doesn’t love a carousel, no matter what age you might be!