Labor Day Weekend: Ten Things to do in Wildwood Crest

Labor Day Weekend: Ten Things to do in Wildwood Crest

The southernmost of the 3 Wildwoods, Wildwood Crest is that quiet spot in that conglomeration of towns, located beyond the boardwalk and boasting a host of family- friendly accommodations and old-fashioned beach houses. At times it seems a throwback to days-gone-by. No wonder it’s so hard to leave when Labor Day rolls around. But it’s not too late to squeeze in a few more days of fun with activities like the ones listed below.

1. Music, Music – Wildwood Crest’s summer concert series continues all the way until the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. The music has wide appeal and listening to an outdoor concert is a fun way to spend a summer evening.

2. Shop the Farmer’s Market – Every Sunday during the summer, the Wildwood Crest Famer’s Market is held at Gazebo-by-the-Sea. Besides fresh produce and all sorts of wonderful edibles, there are handicrafts, apparel, and a variety of other interesting items for sale.

3. Take a Fitness Class – Need to shape up for the fall? The Borough of Wildwood Crest Recreation Dept. offers all sorts of outdoor classes for residents and visitors, like Zumba and Pilates. They continue straight through the Labor Day weekend. Exercise a little and you won’t feel so guilty about eating all that boardwalk food!

4. Ride a Bike – An early morning bike ride, either alone or with others, is a pleasure in Wildwood Crest. The traffic is light and the summer heat hasn’t yet reached its peak. You’ll find a number of places to rent bikes if you don’t have yours with you.

5. Check out the End-of-Summer Sales – In the shops in Wildwood Crest, as well as in stores on the boardwalk and in Wildwood and North Wildwood, Labor Day sales will be abundant. It’s a great weekend for bargains!

6. Grab Some Beach Time – Wildwood Crest has a lovely beach that tends not to be as crowded as those in the other two Wildwoods. Take advantage of the space to play with your kids or spread out on the sand.

7. Enjoy a Picnic – There are a handful of green spaces in Wildwood Crest that are ideal for an al fresco meal. Make it easy! Head to the local store and pick up some prepared foods, pack a cooler, and head to the park. Plan some games for the kids or choose a cozy spot for you and your sweetheart.

8. Rent a Watercraft – Boat rental facilities in Wildwood Crest offer fun on the water via wave runners, small motorboats, kayaks, canoes, and more. Grab a few last moments of water-based fun before you pack your summer clothes and head home.

9. Go Fishing or Crabbing – The piers in Wildwood Crest are the perfect spots for fishing or crabbing, or you can charter a fishing boat for you and your family or friends and find out just how good you are at catching tonight’s dinner.

10.Ride the Rides, Play the Games – It’s the last weekend of summer! Splurge a little and take the family to the Wildwood Boardwalk, where you can spend the night on the amusement piers riding classics like the Ferris wheel and carousel or perhaps a fierce new coaster. And don’t forget to save your quarters for the arcades, many of which offer reduced-price prizes on Labor Day.