Hotel Pet Etiquette

Hotel Pet Etiquette

Traveling with your pet can make a vacation even more fun and special. However, there are also many extra considerations that will have to go into the planning. One of the most important is finding pet friendly lodging that will work for you and your pet.

Practicing good pet etiquette during your stay is very important. Below you will some tips about hotel pet etiquette. First, there are some tips on choosing a pet friendly hotel.

Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel

You can begin your search online, but you should not necessarily rely on information that you have found on the internet. Such information could be outdated, so it is important to call the hotel or other type of lodging that you are considering to double check on their current pet policy.

If you have a favorite hotel chain, you can call them directly to ask whether or not they allow pets. Keep in mind that with large chains, the policy usually varies from hotel to hotel. For that reason, you should get your information directly from the location at which you plan to stay rather than from the hotel’s main customer service call center.

Things to Consider

Because not all pet friendly hotels have the same policies or amenities, it is important to know what points to consider when choosing lodging for you and your pet.


Some pet friendly lodging locations have breed or size restrictions or a limit on the number of pets allowed per room. It is very important that you ask about such limits or restrictions. While the hotel staff that books the room should explain them, you cannot count of them to do so.

Instead, ask about such restrictions so that you will not be caught off guard when trying to check in.

Deposits/Extra Fees

Most places that offer pet friendly lodging charge some type of extra fee or deposit. The amount varies widely from place to place. Some charge as little as $10 per night. Others may charge a $100 or more non-refundable cleaning deposit.

Be sure you ask about any and all extra fees associated with bringing your pet along during your stay.


Some hotels that allow pets have extra amenities to make your stay more convenient or enjoyable. This could be the offer a dog bed to use during your stay, dog treats left in the room each day or pet sitting services right in the hotel.

Green Space

A major consideration should be how convenient it will be to walk your dog during your stay. Ask if a dog run or some type of green space is available on the hotel property. If not, ask if there is a dog-friendly park nearby.

Points of Etiquette


Obviously, other hotel guests should not be subjected to constant barking during your stay. If your dog is an incessant barker, you might want to reconsider bringing him to a hotel. There are other options for bringing a barker on vacation, including finding a single family cabin or cottage in which to stay.

If your dog barks when left alone, you should not leave him in the hotel. You must consider the other guests and realize that even if the barking doesn’t faze you, it will probably be very annoying to them.


Some hotels that allow dogs only put them in rooms on the first floor. If you are not on the first floor, make sure to limit the amount of running and jumping that your dog does while in the room. Again, the noise level should be kept to minimum for the comfort of other guests.

Asking to be put on the first floor is a way to minimize this issue.

Flea Free

Good pet owners always take precautions to keep their pets free of fleas. It is a good idea to give your pet a dose of his topics flea prevention a couple of days before leaving on your trip just to be sure that you do not leave behind any bugs for the next hotel guests.

Leaving Dog Alone

Some hotels have a policy that forbids guests from leaving pets alone in the room. If the hotel you choose does not, you should only leave your pet alone if you KNOW that he will be quiet and not disturb other guests while you are away.

If not, find a doggy day care nearby where you can drop him off for a few hours when necessary.

Following these simple rules of etiquette will make your stay in a pet friendly hotel as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for you, your pet and the other guests.