Fourth of July Weekend: Ten Things to do in Point Pleasant

Fourth of July Weekend: Ten Things to do in Point Pleasant

Situated on the Central New Jersey shore, Point Pleasant has been a popular beach resort since the 1870s when the first hotel was constructed there. As the decades passed, the town continued to build a more accommodating tourist infrastructure until it had everything beachgoers were seeking, including a small boardwalk, amusements, nightlife, and more. Summer visitors are treated to a variety of things to do throughout the season, including on the Fourth of July weekend, when the crowds are plentiful and the activities many. Here’s a list of some you might consider.

1. Walk the Boards – While the Point Pleasant Boardwalk may lack the glitz of Atlantic City and the size of Wildwood, it’s one-mile stretch is quite, well… pleasant. The southern end is the busiest, boasting everything you’d expect to find including rides, games of chance, shops, and more. A great place for on-the-go food, too!

2. See the Fish – In Point Pleasant, you can see the fish as well as catch them. Jenkinson’s Aquarium, a fixture for more than 20 years, provides visitors with a close look at a small but diverse collection of sea life. Sandwiched between rides and other amusements is this terrific facility where you can see penguins, seals, sharks, and plenty of other sea creatures. The kids will love it!

3. Go Fishing – If you’d rather catch some fish during your 4th of July vacation, Point Pleasant is a great place to do it. Head to the end of the boardwalk at the Manasquan Inlet and you’ll find boats for rent or you can just enjoy some surf/shore fishing. Check in at a local bait shop to find out the best spots for nabbing tonight’s dinner.

4. Antiquing – If you have a penchant for all things old, you’ll no doubt find the antique shops in Point Pleasant quite attractive. There are at least a half dozen in town and many others in surrounding areas such as Brielle or Manasquan. That special treasure is just waiting for you!

5. Spread Out on the Beach – The public beaches in Point Pleasant are often far less crowded than many of the other beaches within a 10-mile drive. A small fee is charged to access the public portion of the beach. Other beaches here are owned privately but are accessible for a fee as well. All the beaches are life-guarded.

6. Book a Wreck Dive – Shore diving is popular at the New Jersey beaches, and at Point Pleasant there’s a wreck located about 100 yards off the beach in the south portion of town. While it’s not the Great Barrier Reef, it’s still a fun place to dive and is even suitable for those without lots of experience. Start a new Fourth of July tradition and explore underwater with dive certified friends and family.

7. Live it Up! – Point Pleasant, despite the fact that it isn’t as large as some of its neighboring towns, has several nightlife destinations. Many offer live entertainment or DJs and a few are located on or quite close to the beach. Check ‘em out and find your favorite spot for a great night out!

8. Eat Seafood – On your Fourth of July holiday, take some time to try the local restaurants, many of which include succulent fresh seafood on their menu, caught locally in the waters near Point Pleasant. Some are quite formal while others are much more casual, so dress up or dress down, there’s a great seafood restaurant for you.

9. Picnic at Allaire State Park – Just a few miles away (about a 15-minute drive) is beautiful Allaire State Park, the perfect destination for a 4th of July picnic. Pack the basket and head to this lovely green area, which includes nature and equestrian trails, and the Upper Manasquan River, which is stocked annually with trout.

10.Fireworks – Join the Fourth of July crowd at Jenkinson’s Beach and on the boardwalk for a superb fireworks display that’ll have you oohing and aahing and wanting to come back next year for more Independence Day fun!