Fourth of July Weekend: Ten Things to do in Wildwood

Fourth of July Weekend: Ten Things to do in Wildwood

For decades upon decades, Wildwood, NJ has been the chosen vacation destination for generations of families looking for fun at the Jersey shore. A vibrant area that offers a little something for everyone, Wildwood is a gem that keeps visitors coming back again and again, thanks to its lively boardwalk, expansive beach, and a host of other things to see and do, including on Fourth of July weekend. Here’s a list of 10 favorites!

1. Take a Doo-Wop Tour – Wildwood is known for its amazing Doo-Wop architecture; that is, designs from the 1950s. More than two dozen hotels in town boast this style and there’s even a “preservation league” in Wildwood that sees to it that these historic structures are lovingly tended. They provide “retro” tours of this ultra-cool hotel district where you can learn more about the designs.

2. Ride the Classics – Morey’s Piers in Wildwood are home to some of the best rides at the Jersey shore. In operation since the 60s, they include huge Ferris Wheels, vintage carousels, bumper cars, tea cups, a log flume, plenty of kiddie rides, and some great coasters. There’s a water park, too, for cooling off in that Fourth of July heat.

3. Quintessential Boardwalk – Wildwood’s boardwalk is a great mix of classic and cheesy. Full of the things you’d expect to find there, including pizza joints, salt water taffy and fudge shops, games of chance, souvenir shacks, and much more, it’ll keep you busy night after night after night, and all day, too. If you’re a newbie, take the tram and do a little exploring before you set out on foot.

4. The Big Beach – Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Wildwood simply to enjoy the sand and water there. Happily, the beach is free, which makes it ideal for vacationers on a budget. It’s also wide…very wide. So be prepared to do a little extra walking on the way to the water. It’s worth every step!

5. Grab Some History – The Wildwood Historical Society’s George F. Boyer Museum offers guests a chance to step back in time and browse the Wildwood of yesteryear through artifacts, photos, and other items. Especially meaningful to those who grew up visiting the Wildwoods!

6. Music, Music, Music – Each 4th of July holiday, before the fireworks, the city of Wildwood offers a variety of concert opportunities for those who love live music. You never know what you might get….from old-time standards and Broadway show tunes to pop or rock-and-roll. Some are held at the Centennial Park Pavilion, others on or near the beach at the Schellenger Stage. Check it out!

7. Take a Patriotic Walk – For the last several years, the local Vietnam Veterans Association has sponsored a Fourth of July 5K run for anyone who wants to participate, from skilled runners to those who just want to get some exercise. What better way to spend Independence Day then to honor our veterans!

8. Movies on the Beach – Throughout Fourth of July week, Sunset Cinemas offers movies on the beach on a huge screen behind the Wildwood Convention Center. It’s super-cool to watch your favorite family flicks while your feet are in the sand!

9. Play Mini Golf – Wildwood’s boardwalk is home to some of the shore’s most amazing miniature golf courses, including some that will even challenge the most avid putt-putt fan, like an eerie but fun black light course that everyone will love.

10.See the Fireworks – Like many Jersey shore towns, Wildwood puts on a fantastic Independence Day fireworks display. Held around dusk after a gala Fourth of July concert, the display is large enough to enjoy from both ends of the boardwalk… and then some.