Fourth of July Weekend: Ten Things to do in North Wildwood

Fourth of July Weekend: Ten Things to do in North Wildwood

The northernmost portion of “The Wildwoods”, North Wildwood is known for its family friendly atmosphere and is ideal for those traveling with children or those who prefer a quieter vacation. Nevertheless, it’s still largely within walking distance of the boardwalk and close to other activities one might care to indulge in on their Fourth of July vacation. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do or see on your North Wildwood Independence Day trip.

1. Enjoy the FREE beach – Many Jersey shore beaches require badges in order for you to enter and enjoy the surf and sand. Not so in North Wildwood! Here, the beaches aren’t only free but they’re also awesome for kids, clean, and well- guarded. They also tend to be much less crowded than the beaches in the center of Wildwood.

2. Go to the “Casino” – One of North Wildwood’s most timeless attractions is the Gateway 26 Casino, an arcade that’s been entertaining beach goers for generations. Remember, however, this is a “merchandise” casino, not one that pays cash, which makes it – of course – an ideal place for everyone to spend part of their Fourth of July holiday.

3. Check out the Lighthouse – Located between 1st and Central Aves, the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a true piece of American maritime history. This residential- style lighthouse is done in a Victorian-era design and was completed in the 1870s. It looks a little different than most because it includes the keeper’s house and the lighthouse all in one structure. It’s still used as a navigational aid.

4. Take a Paddleboard Lesson – This fun sport is quite popular on the waters of North Wildwood and a few local outfitters offer lessons for individuals or groups. It’s a great way to get some exercise and cool off in the waters of the Atlantic.

5. Ride Bikes Together – The family-friendly back streets of North Wildwood are an ideal spot for bike riding, whether you’re on a fancy touring bike or just learning to navigate without your training wheels. Bring your own or rent them at one of the many bike shops in town.

6. Check out the Free Concerts – Each year on 4th of July weekend, North Wildwood offers a free concert at its Lou Boothe Amphitheater at 2nd and Ocean. You never know who might show up, but often you’ll hear great voices of yesteryear in a gala concert “under the stars.” A lovely way to spend a night!

7. I Love a Parade! – And you’ll love the Wildwoods annual Fourth of July Parade, too. It makes its way through all the Wildwoods and reminds one of those small town patriotic celebrations of long ago with marching bands and decorated bikes.

8. Going to the Dogs – The Wildwoods Independence Day festivities also includes the annual Patriotic Pooch Parade. Held in conjunction with the “regular” parade, this one includes dogs of all shapes and sizes decked out in their best red, white, and blue. Too precious to miss!

9. Cruise the Boardwalk – Of course, a Fourth of July trip to North Wildwood isn’t complete without spending some time on the famous boardwalk, which stretches through both Wildwood and North Wildwood. You’ll find everything here from arcades and amusements to souvenir shops, clothing stores, fast-food eateries, and great restaurants. It’s a true family affair and you’ll want to go back again and again!

10.Ooh, Aah! – Get ready for the annual Wildwoods fireworks and laser light show extravaganza. Generally held at about 10 pm, the rockets are launched from Wildwood but you can see the festivities clearly from the north end of the beach as well. These excellent fireworks are a Fourth of July must!