Fireworks at the Jersey Shore

Fireworks at the Jersey Shore

Few things say “summer” like a wonderful fireworks display. While some beaches in the country allow
guests to light off their own small fireworks, the Jersey Shore does not. But that does not mean that
there will not be plenty of chances to spread out a blanket and watch as fireworks light up the sky.

July 4th

Of course, July 4th is the most popular day of the year for fireworks, not just at the Jersey Shore, but
throughout the nation. At the Jersey Shore, people from all over descend on the area to enjoy the
holiday and watch some of the best fireworks displays in the country.

One of the largest can be seen in Atlantic City at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic & Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.
Not only is this the largest July 4th fireworks display at the Jersey Shore, it is also the largest south of New
York. The very elaborate display is free to the public and can be seen from many nearby beaches.

Ocean City also puts on an over-the-top July 4th display, complete with fireworks that go off to music.
This choreographed fireworks display is one of the most popular in the area.

Many locations at the Jersey Shore do a fireworks display for the July 4th holiday including Asbury Park,
Cape May and Seaside Heights.

The Bad News

The bad news about July 4th fireworks at the New Jersey Shore is that many people descend on the area
during this time. This includes both travelers who are staying at the shore and residents of other parts of
New Jersey who drive in for the fireworks.

Some of the crowds can be so large that it taints the experience for some. If you do not like large crowds,
then trying to come to the Jersey Shore for fireworks on July 4th will require a bit of planning.

The Good News

The good news is that while the crowds are large, there are some ways to avoid the biggest groups of
people. For example, the July 4th fireworks display at Cape May brings very large crowds. However,
because the beaches are so wide there is plenty of room, making the crowd seem a bit more
manageable and making it easier to find seating for your family.

Another trick is to watch the fireworks display “off-site”. For example, the Point Pleasant fireworks are
shot from the boardwalk. The crowd there is quite massive. Instead of trying to cram onto the
boardwalk, just watch the fireworks from Risden Beach. You’ll have a great view, but there will be far
fewer people sharing the space.

Weekly Displays

Another way to enjoy the fireworks at the Jersey Shore without the crowds is to avoid July 4th completely.
Many locations have weekly fireworks displays throughout the summer months. A few
examples are below.

• Wildwood has Fireworks on the Beach every Friday night in July and August.
• Point Pleasant offers fireworks displays each Thursday in July and August.
• Seaside Heights has Wednesday fireworks from June through September.
• Asbury Park has a fireworks show each Wednesday night of the summer.

While the crowds are typically smaller than on July 4th, there are times when it can still be crowded. Try
finding a spot on a nearby beach where, if you plan right, you will be able to see more than one
fireworks display while enjoying the show off the beaten path.

Fireworks Ideas

Since there are wonderful fireworks displays taking place all summer long, why not find fun ways to take
advantage of the shows?

Birthday Fun

If your child’s birthday falls on a night that there is to be a fireworks display, take him or her to the beach,
telling them there is going to be a surprise. Bring some sand toys and snacks and when the sun goes
down and the fireworks begin, your child will think the fireworks are just for them.

Dinner on the Beach

Bring some food, some fine wine and a couple of candles and you will be able to enjoy a grown up picnic
on the beach complete with a fireworks display courtesy of New Jersey.


What could be more romantic than popping the question while fireworks go off overhead? Take your
intended for a walk on the beach. When the fireworks start, and she is looking upward, get down on one
knee and get ready to pop the question. It will surely be a moment neither of you will ever forget!

The New Jersey Shore is synonymous with summer fun. That includes fireworks displays. Whether you
want to brave the crowds and celebrate the independence of our nation on July 4th, or you would rather
opt for a less crowded fireworks show, you have plenty of options all summer long.

Come to the Jersey Shore and make some memories. Fireworks included at no extra charge