Commemorating Your Jersey Shore Vacation

You’ve had a wonderful stay in south Jersey.  It’s almost time to head home.  But you want something to remember your trip by… right?

There’s certainly no shortage of shopping on the boardwalk and in the towns of the Jersey shore!  It’s very easy to blow a lot of money on things you’re not really going to need, want, or even think about once you’re home.

Try these tips for more meaningful souvenirs from down the shore!

  1. Give each family member a disposable camera, with instructions to take pictures of whatever they like but they MUST complete the roll of film by the end of the vacation.  Once you’re home, get those pics developed and you’ve got an instant stack of memories for an album or scrapbook.  You may be surprised to see what everyone chooses to remember!
  2. Collect large clam shells to bring home.  Don’t forget to wash out the sand, seaweed, and other gunk!  At the holidays, put your artistic talents to use and paint designs or scenes on the shells.  Glue on a ribbon and you’ve got ornaments to decorate your home or give as gifts.  Bringing out the shells six months later will be a great way to relive the best parts of your Jersey shore visit.
  3. Don’t let the kids go crazy buying everything in sight.  Give everyone a chance to look around… but don’t actually purchase any souvenirs until it’s almost time to go home.  Stuff that isn’t as important will be forgotten after a few days; the things they really want will stay in their heads!
  4. Keep an eye out for craft fairs — you may just find a local artist with shore scenes for sale.  Every time you see the piece on the wall, you’ll be reminded of your vacation!
  5. Salt water taffy is a staple gift to bring those back home… and you’ll find lots of stores selling it.  Take the time to comparison shop and you might just save a few bucks with a great deal!
  6. Bring a mini tape recorder and wake up early one morning.  Record the sound of the surf for ten minutes (or as long as you like!)  The rhythm of the ocean will be a soothing sleep aid or a pleasant background for meditation.

If you don’t have a lot of money in your budget for souvenirs, keep in mind that prices will be somewhat lower if you’re shopping off the beaten path and away from the beach.

Keep an eye out for hermit crabs at the souvenir stands… these little guys make interesting pets!  Bring home a living reminder of your Jersey shore visit.  (Or two… or three…)  Don’t necessarily buy all your hermie supplies at the same stand — you’ll save money by picking up crab food, water dishes, etc. at the pet store or even the grocery store.  Hermit crabs are generally pretty low maintenance.  Food, water, a cage to climb around in… and a supply of larger shells for them to move into as they grow.

Next time you’re down the shore, you don’t have to be stuck with the old souvenir standby — tee shirts — unless you know a collector.  Get creative!