Best Kept Secrets of Wildwood, New Jersey

Wildwood isn’t necessarily a town that has a lot of secrets. All the great stuff is right out there and hard to miss — the two mile long boardwalk, the water parks, the fireworks, the free beach, the ocean. It’s hard to hide thirty-eight blocks worth of rides, games, neon lights, souvenir stands, and other attractions.

It’s also hard to hide the bright, almost gaudy 1950s style Doo Wop architecture! Take a trolley tour and see some of the favorites. You’ll learn to identify this particular school of design by the neon lighting, international themes, and more. Lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels around Wildwood have colorful names and even more colorful decor.

Did you know you can hit the beach with nothing but your swimsuit? The shops on the boardwalk provide everything you could possibly need: a souvenir Wildwood towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, a tee shirt for covering up, hats… and of course drinks for the day and a variety of lunch options! Whatever you may have forgotten (or don’t want to carry) — you can find it on the Wildwood boardwalk!

For entertainment off the beach, you can check out free summer concerts or grab tickets for big-name performers at the new Wildwoods Convention Center. Want to spend a day on the water? Check out deep sea fishing tours with Adventurer Deep Sea Fishing. Choose from four or six hour tours; three trips depart daily. Want to do some whale watching? Let Captain Schumann be your guide! Enjoy a three hour ride on the all new Big Blue Sightseer and learn about dolphins, whales and more. Or take a tour on the Delta Lady, an eighty foot Mississippi River boat. The journey around Cape May is narrated, giving you a chance to relax on the water while you learn a little more about your vacation destination.

The finest dining in Wildwood starts with the Blue Olive Restaurant and Martini Bar. This is the hip place to grab a meal or sip a drink. Check it out on the corner of Atlantic and Schellenger Avenues. If you’re in the mood for classy seafood, visit the Rusty Rudder on Atlantic Avenue. Can’t decide on just one entrée? Try the dinner buffet, featuring American and Italian cuisine along with fresh seafood delights. Save room for delicious homemade ice cream at Duffer’s, on Pacific Avenue.

And if you’re planning to party (who isn’t, in Wildwood?) don’t miss your chance to dance in a former church-turned-club at the Nile on Pacific Avenue. With a bar, club, lounge, or pub on nearly every corner, there’s no shortage of places to play after dark.

Wildwood is nicely located almost perfectly between Cape May and Avalon. With Wildwood as your base, you can enjoy all the best south Jersey has to offer! Perhaps the best secret of Wildwood is the off season. Want to avoid the sweaty crowds? Visit before June or after September! In June especially, Wildwood will be teeming with teens celebrating the end of a school year or a graduation.