Best Kept Secrets of North Wildwood, New Jersey

It’s not just a clever name; North Wildwood sits just above Wildwood proper on their five mile long island.  Like Wildwood and Wildwood Crest, the beaches in North Wildwood are totally free.  No beach badges.  No annoying badge checkers.  The Travel Channel called the beaches of Wildwood some of America’s Best Beaches!  The beaches of Wildwood are clean, they’re free, and they’re growing!  Unlike the rest of the Jersey shore, which fights erosion tooth and nail every year, the Wildwood beaches are actually gaining sand.

Did you know North Wildwood is home to the first beach tram service in New Jersey?  Glide along the beach from the street to the shore line, and save your tender feet from walking on the hot sand.

North Wildwood boasts more than fifty hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts.  Cruise around and check out the Doo Wop architecture — a style popular in the 1950s.  Funky atmosphere, neon lights, and playful personalities characterize these Doo Wop buildings.  Stop by the chamber of commerce for a self-guided tour to some of the finest examples of 1950s style around!  While you’re enjoying that 1950s flare, stop in to the retro Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor on New Jersey Avenue.  For that authentic fifties feel, split a malt with your best girl.

If you’re looking to step even further back in time, stay at the lovely Candlelight Inn on Central Avenue.  The Candlelight Inn is a Queen Ann Victorian style mansion built at the turn of the century.  If you’re planning a romantic getaway without the kids, it doesn’t get much more romantic than the Candlelight Inn!  In the off season, the Candlelight Inn hosts murder mystery parties for groups of twelve or more.

Step off the beach and head to Hereford Inlet to see the historic Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.  Built in 1874, the Lighthouse is accompanied by an award-winning garden and the George F. Boyer Museum.  In the Museum, you can see the Wildwood your grandparents and great-grandparents used to know — browse the photos, artifacts and memorabilia.  The Boyer Museum is also home to the Marbles Hall of Fame.

Looking for adventure on the water?  Rent a boat at Dad’s Marina or a jet ski from Wildwood Sea Doo, both on Ocean Drive.

Every Thursday and Saturday night from July through September, North Wildwood presents a free concert at the amphitheater on Ocean and 2nd Avenues.  Be on the lookout for some of your favorite tribute performances — Beatlemania, Suzette Dorsey as Tina Turner, and Jesse Garon as the King himself.

Would you believe the best hot dogs in America are made in North Wildwood?  That’s the claim at Maui’s Dog House on New Jersey Avenue.  You’ve got a choice of twenty-nine different toppings for your dog or sausage… and don’t skip the hand cut fries!  Try a “Soprano” dog with spinach, garlic, white wine, and sharp provolone cheese.  Or if you feel like taking a risk with your arteries, try the “Cardiac” — a dog with fresh cooked bacon and globs of cheese.