Best Kept Secrets of Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Best Kept Secrets of Seaside Heights

There are many things about Seaside Heights that are quite well-known. This community on the Jersey Shore is one of the most popular places in the entire state to spend warm summer days. The history of Seaside Heights as a beach community goes back to the very early 1900’s when the first beach homes were built and people began to spend time in Seaside Heights when they needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are two piers, Casino Pier and Funtown Pier, both of which boast amusement rides, yummy carnival-type foods, arcades and pubs.

Still, for all of the well-known aspects of Seaside Heights, there are some other lesser known facts.

It’s NOT Like What You See on MTV

It is true that Seaside Heights draws a LOT of young people during the summer months. It is also true that there are many bars and clubs and, if you want a vibrant and active nightlife scene, you will not be disappointed with the offerings in Seaside Heights. However, the way that the area is portrayed on MTV’s Jersey Shore leaves out the family friendly atmosphere that has always been a big part of the Seaside Heights experience.

Beautiful beaches, amusement rides, fabulous food and nearby attractions to suit visitors of every age are just some of the features of Seaside Heights that make it a great choice for a family vacation.

Of course, there is always a chance that you’ll run into Snooki on the boardwalk.

It’s a Great Place to Get Married

It is easy to understand why the Jersey Shore might not be the first spot that comes to mind when you think about a destination wedding, but maybe you should think again. There are many locations that would make a beautiful backdrop for your big day.

There also endless options for quirky wedding pictures, such as on the amusements rides at the piers. There are also dozens of local vendors to supply everything that you would need for the wedding of your dreams.

It Can Be a Bargain

When you think of spending an entire day at an amusement park, how much do you think you would need to spend? $50? $100? You can spend the day at the Casino Pier for about $20. That includes riding as many rides as you want AND eating.

Casino Pier offers an all-day pass for only $15. You can ride until your heart’s content without having to buy any additional tickets. When you get hungry, just order a few items off of their dollar menu. How many amusement parks have a dollar menu?

You Could Have Your Own Beach Front Property for $100

Well, maybe not you. But your grandparents or great grandparents could have. In the early part of the 20th century, developers knew that the Seaside Heights had the potential to be a wonderful summer spot.

People who were interested in buying some beach front property in the early stages of the development of Seaside Heights could do so for $100.

Average cost of a beach front home in Seaside Heights today? $400,000.

Winter Wonderland

One phrase that probably does not come to mind when you think of Seaside Heights is “winter wonderland.” That makes sense because the area is, after all, a thriving summer beach community. However, those who choose to visit the area in the winter will be treated to the same spectacular views and beach rental houses set right on the shore.

While many of the attractions are only open seasonally, there are plenty of restaurants and pubs that are open year round. Seaside Heights in the winter provides a more peaceful, quiet environment than what one would find during the summer and that is just what some people want in a vacation.

Of course, you can expect to pay a much lower rate for a beach house in the off-season, which is another big plus to some people.

Seaside Heights is one of the most visited areas in the entire state of New Jersey. No matter what time of year you choose to come, after just one visit, you will know why so many people count Seaside Heights as their home away from home.

July 18, 2024, 2:57 am